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The Pie Peddler Products
Apple; a flaky crusted delight, this is like Grandma made, an American standard.
Dutch Apple; all the flavor of our traditional apple pie but with a lattice top crust. To this we add brown sugar and special dutch crumbs topped off with a cinnamon glaze.
Cherry; only the juiciest, tree ripened cherries are selected for this classic dessert. This double crusted beauty is a true legendary confection.
Blueberry; a berry lover's dream, loaded with succulent wild blueberries sandwiched between our famous melt in your mouth crusts.
Peach; we start with the luscious flavor of fresh from the tree peaches then steam cook to bring out the full rich flavor. The filling is placed into our hand made crust and baked to a golden brown.
Pecan; this is one of our signature flavors. Only the best quality pecans are chosen for this delicacy, a true southern favorite.
Chocolate Cream; our rich, smooth, creamy chocolate filling is topped by a whipped meringue, then chocolate sprinkles are added to make this a hometown favorite.
Coconut Cream; a coconut lovers dream. We add real coconut to our creamy filling and top with meringue. We finish it by sprinkling the top with even more toasted coconut and bake until golden brown.
Lemon Meringue; we use real Florida Lemon Juice to add just the right amount of mouth watering citrus flavor to this all time favorite.