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About Us

Mehaffie Pie Company has been making fresh-baked pies and cheesecakes in Dayton, Ohio since 1930. Known for quality, the company produces more than 45 different flavors of pies and cheesecakes daily.

In 1996 we decided to make our pies and cheesecakes available outside the Miami Valley through our Pie Peddler fund raising program. This program is offered to schools and non-profit organizations located within a 125 mile radius of Dayton. Since this fund-raising opportunity was introduced, thousands of organizations have been able to raise in excess of $6 million dollars in support of their group programs and activities.

Fresh pies represent a refreshing and unique product within today's fund-raising marketplace. Our company limits the number of pies made daily to assure the highest level of product quality and program performance. It is not an objective of our company to grow large to the point where quality and service are compromised. It is our objective to provide a value-adding, welcomed quality product to our fund-raising partners.

Quality, fresh-baked pies are a dying American tradition. Time doesn't exist in today's fast-paced world to spend the time required in the kitchen to make pies like our Grandmothers were famous for. Small bakeries like ours have had to close due to market pressures from large Food Chains or have been bought out by larger baking companies. Product quality has been compromised in the name of lowered costs through mass production efficiencies. The Pie Peddler is committed to keeping the quality of this American tradition alive through our controlled growth fund-raising program.

We hope you will give us a call and consider becoming a part of the Pie Peddler tradition of quality and service. Our program success brings our customers back year after year. Their customers look forward to the opportunity to buy our pies again and again. We are committed to making fund raising easier and less painful than you ever imagined possible.